Welcome to Maa Sharda Raj Narayan Rai Smarak Mahavidyalaya,Pali,Muhammadbad,Ghazipur

Welcome to Birendra Mahavidyalaya Mahavidyalaya

Maa Sharda Raj Narayan Rai Smarak Mahavidyalaya, Pali, Muhammadbad,Ghazipur (U.P.)  . It has been established having its mission of imparting Qualitative, Professional & General Education at various levels for preparing youths for harmonic Society value oriented national progress as per need of the time.
The college is situated in rural undeveloped area of district Ghazipur with motto for higher education to local area boys & girls in general & professional Skill in particulars.
Our College believes in continuing the tradition of working for peace and empowering students. College believes in nurturing its students and providing opportunities to the less privileged. We encourage the spirit of service & participation. We believe that together we can work towards a change in society emphasizing the role that students can play. We believe in working towards a just and equitable society.
The college offers an integrated education to make students intellectual, cultural, social, emotional, physical, aesthetic, moral and spiritual. What is more important is the space it has provided to the students to freely express and develop views that help them respond to changes in society.
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